Release 0.7.0 feels like 007

Arturs Kirtovskis

Arturs Kirtovskis

Team Ledokku


Release 0.7.0 feels like 007

The looks of the release name and the content seem to fit with the image of the well-known spy character. The New Ledokku version allows you to deploy apps in most programming languages straight from your Github repositories. Both private and public. It's a massive step forward for us and for all of you who were waiting for a smooth, cheap and self-hosted deployment platform with a beautiful UI.

Almost no manual configuration

With the help of Github apps, we have significantly reduced the amount and time that you have to spend doing all sorts of manual configuration. Now installation is just a single script that you need to run on your server and the rest of the functionality you can handle from Ledokku UI. Apart from that, automatic redeployments for your Github projects will work out of the box, and you won't need to set up anything additional. Once you push changes to your main branch, the app will automatically be redeployed with 0 downtime.

Revamped settings look

Just like James Bond liked slick cars and suits, we love to strive for the best UI possible. With the new release, you will see that we significantly improved the looks of the app settings section. Instead of previously clustered and overwhelming bloat of options in a single view, now we have three sub-sections: Port management, Domains, and Advanced.

New landing page

Outside of all the massive addition of new app features, we have redesigned our landing page more minimalistic and straightforward. Just by visiting the landing page, it's almost immediately clear what we are doing, and it also means it has never been easier to share Ledokku with your developer friends.

Shaping the future of deployments

We are here to stay and this, while big step, is just a beginning.

Take part in shaping the future and follow us on Twitter, join our Discord or open an issue on our Github repo. Any and all of the feedback will be highly appreciated.

Stay tuned and happy deployments.