You can customise the configuration of ledokku using the dokku config:set command.

Here is a list of the variables you can change:

  • JWT_SECRET: Secret used to generate the JWT used for authentication.
  • GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_ID: Github application client id used to authenticate a user via Github.
  • GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_SECRET: Github application client secret used to authenticate a user via Github.
  • GITHUB_APP_WEBHOOK_SECRET: Github application webhook secret used to verify webhook authenticity.
  • GITHUB_APP_PEM: Github application private key.
  • DATABASE_URL: Postgres connection string.
  • REDIS_URL: Redis connection string.
  • DOKKU_SSH_HOST: Ip address of the server.
  • DOKKU_SSH_PORT: Port used to connect to the server via SSH.
  • NUMBER_USERS_ALLOWED: Temporary solution to allow multiple users to login to your server. By default only one user is allowed to login to your server.
  • TELEMETRY_DISABLED: ledokku collects completely anonymous telemetry data about general usage. You can opt-out by setting TELEMETRY_DISABLED value to 1.

For example if you want to change the JWT_SECRET configuration run: dokku config:set ledokku JWT_SECRET my_new_value